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The finest selection of meat
products in Cottage Country 

Established in the 1940’s, Coneybeare’s authentic, family run butcher shop serves the Haliburton Highlands with the highest quality products.


Coneybeare’s selection of beef roasts, from chef-style prime rib to blade roasts perfect for the crock pot are the best in the Highlands. Our selection of steaks, filets, ribeyes, striploins, t-bones and sirloin steaks aged beautifully and cut to perfection are sure to please the most demanding household chef. Other beef products include, sirloin for kabobs, stewing beef and beef short ribs.


Thick cut pork chops like no other, beautiful pork loin roasts as well as pork tenderloin. Our meaty back ribs are amazing.

Be sure to check out the variety of pork sausages we carry as well. Specialty pork roasts are also available upon ordering, crown roasts of pork for example.


We carry Ontario lamb, you’ve never tasted something so tender and juicy. You’ll regularly see lamb chops in the meat counter.

Looking for a special cut of lamb? Like a leg of lamb or lamb racks? Give us a heads up and we can order it for that special occasion.


We proudly source all of our chicken in Ontario. We carry beautiful roasting chickens, large boneless chicken breasts and thighs as well as delicious large chicken wings.

& Burgers

Made in house sausages, popular with all, made with high grade pork cuts. As well as a variety of other all pork sausages. Coneybeare’s make our own burger patties, without fillers and additives. Perfect for grilling.

& Rubs

Come into the store to browse our selection of BBQ sauces and rubs. Sourced locally when possible. Some sauces are one of a kind and can only be found at our store. We also have a lovely variety of pickled goods.

Frozen Goods

Coneybeare’s has a variety of frozen seafood options, including cooked and raw shrimp, scallops, lobster tail and cedar plank salmon.

We also offer frozen store made burger patties, hot dogs, perogies, meat pies, baby beef liver, marrow bones, etc.

for Dinner

Compliment your breakfast plate with thick cut Coneybeare style side-bacon, peameal back-bacon and of course our fine selection of specialty sausage.

We also carry the best breakfast sausages around. So good you will be tempted to serve Breakfast for Dinner.


During the holiday seasons we offer organic, free range Ontario turkeys, as well as amazing bone-in hams. Planning a traditional holiday meal with a different meat choice? Let us know, we can order in or cut whatever is needed to complete your holiday meal.

In the summer months we also offer whole pigs for pig roasts. They come in a variety of sizes so we can easily accommodate any party size.

Custom Cuts
& Butcher Services

As a traditional butcher shop, Coneybeare`s strives to make every customer happy. Products reach far beyond what you see in the display counter. Whether you are headed up to the cottage with a big group of people or feeding your family over the holidays, Coneybeare`s is here to help you plan your meals and make sure every guest leaves full­.
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Coneybeare's has a long history working with local restaurants and catering companies, and providing wholesale pricing and custom cuts. We provide specialty sausages, custom steak cutting, bulk orders of ground beef and roasts. Professional Chef’s all have the highest standards for quality, freshness and service and Coneybeare's is there to help.
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Custom Freezer

Coneybeare's offers a wide variety of frozen food packages in store that includes family favourites like chicken breasts, ground beef, steak, beef roasts, pork chops and a variety of seafood.

We are also happy to offer a custom freezer package that is tailored to you and your families tastes.
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